Science Channel Renews Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman

By Brent McKnight | 10 years ago

Nothing can make or break a documentary series faster and more thoroughly than the narrator (except, you know, content). For every engaging, charming, trust-inspiring voice (think David Attenborough), there are dozens of tedious, stale, orators reading lines in a dry monotone. Luckily for Science Channel’s educational series Through the Wormhole, they have one of the best in the business, Morgan Freeman. In addition to his soothing tone, even keeled delivery, the show will also be renewed for a fourth season.

Morgan Freeman and Through the Wormhole will return for a fourth season.

According to the Science Channel website, Through the Wormhole “explores the deepest mysteries of existence — the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity.” That’s a lofty goal. On a regular basis the show tackles wide-ranging, esoteric ideas, like “Did we invent God?” “Will Eternity End?” and “What is nothing?” One episode of Wormhole, appropriately enough called “Can We Raise the Dead?” explores the possibilities of bringing cadavers back to life. That is my kind of science show.

When you combine fascinating topics with Morgan Freeman, I start to kick myself for not watching this show sooner. Morgan Freeman can make anything sound enticing. Listen to him talk about draining blood from a body, among other things, in this clip.

Talking about the series Freeman says:

This project has become my own personal playground to explore mysteries ranging from the edges of the universe to the innervese of the mind…THROUGH THE WORMHOLE encourages us to take a closer look at questions that have boggled humanity since our creation. We’ve asked some huge questions in the past, but you haven’t seen anything yet – we’re just getting started.

How many people envision an exploratory science show as their “own personal playground?” That’s great how into this project he is. Maybe Freeman is more like his Dark Knight character, Lucius Fox, than you think. Maybe he has a secret warehouse where he spends evenings tinkering with inventions and working out the mysteries of the universe in his free time.

Through the Wormhole is currently in the middle of season three. The show airs Wednesday nights at 10pm Eastern and Pacific. Season four will premiere in summer 2013.