Science Advisor Kevin Grazier Talks About SyFy’s New Show Defiance

By Brian Williams | 9 years ago

If you love sci-fi, then at one point or another you’ve probably loved a show that Kevin Grazier has worked on. While his scientific work includes being an Investigation Scientist and Science Planning Engineer for the Cassini mission to Saturn, Grazier has also been a scientific advisor on such shows as Battlestar Galactica, Falling Skies, Eureka, and The Event. Grazier’s newest job title is science advisor to SyFy’s new tv show/MMO hybrid, Defiance.

Defiance is set in a post-apocalyptic St. Louis after an event called an “Arkfall” has reshaped our planet to make it more hospitable to the alien Votan, who are struggling to survive on a ravaged Earth alongside mankind. Sounding like an interesting sci-fi premise in it’s on right (even though it is slightly reminiscent of the War Against the Cthorr series) SyFy has decided to pair the new series with a free to play MMO that weaves in and out of the shows narrative. I got the chance to ask Grazier how active he was as a science advisor on the video game and how smoothly the process was going in fitting those two media together…

 A little bit… I mean I have gone down to Trion Worlds in San Diego, I’ve talked with them. We’re sharing information back and forth and by virtue of it appearing on the screen, it will theoretically feed back into the game, so we are in communication. We have some reconciliation to do because they’ve come up with some back story and we’ve come up with some back story and they’re sometimes different, so we need to rectify that

As far as the show itself, Grazier remains excited for it. He says that there is a healthy contingent of Battlestar Galactica alumni on Defiance, and that from what he’s seen so far, he expects it to be equally gut-wrenching. Defiance is set to premiere in April of 2013.

Kevin Grazier has also produced a sci-fi film called D.N.E.: Do Not Erase which he showed for the first time at SETICon this weekend. D.N.E. is a fun short film about time-travel that explores its perils and clichés, and also features BSG’s own Richard Hatch. The movie is not online yet but you can check out the facebook fan page here and you can see it yourself if you attend this year’s DragonCon, inAtlanta.

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