Schwarzenegger And The Predator Let Bygones Be Bygones

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

It’s a disheartening time in our civilization. The airwaves are filled with people ranting about how those who disagree with them are worthy only of scorn, painting every opposing viewpoint as out to destroy our country/state/city/Tuesday-night poker circle. More and more, we are defining ourselves by who or what we are not, as opposed to the things that unite us as a species. If we can’t set aside our petty bickering, is there any hope that we will someday, in the words of Bill Hicks, “explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace?” Is that just childish fantasy? Is the chasm of our disagreements too wide to cross? Is there no hope?

Well, screw that, here’s a picture of Dutch shaking hands with the Predator.

That’s right, people. The Predator killed every one of Dutch’s buddies. He tried to kill Dutch himself. Hell, that’s probably Billy’s skull dangling off Pred’s wrist. But are these two letting their ignominious past divide them? Hell no. It’s water under the bridge. Bloody, bloody water. Under a bridge that is on fire. But still.

The picture was posted over at Gamma Squad, but there is no info about where or when the shot was taken. Based on the crowd, the dude in the elaborate Predator costume, and what appears to be a Darth Vader helmet in the front row, I’m guessing it was at a convention.

So, next time you begin to lose faith in the future of humanity, just remember this picture. The next time you’re tempted to hold a grudge, just ask yourself, “WWTPD?” What would the Predator do?