E.T., Schmee-T: Czech Companies Create A Flying Bike

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

flying bikeOne of the most iconic images in science fiction is the shot from E.T. where the bug-eyed alien and his new buddy Elliot fly a bike across the silhouetted face of the Moon. Of course, it’s also one of the most ridiculous images in sci-fi, because the Moon is way oversized and everyone knows bicycles can’t fly. Well, everyone but the Czech engineering company Technodat.

In cooperation with bicycle maker Duratec and the aircraft design company Evektor, Technodat has unleashed a wicked-looking, 22-pound, radio-controlled bike equipped with propellers that is capable of flying around all willy-nilly, acting as if it’s too good for the ground and shit. You hear that Japan? Flying cars are so in the future-past; we’re looking to fly around in the here and now, and without all that car interior to worry about. Does it still count as exercise if you don’t actually have to pump the pedals in order to get anywhere? Also, who do I petition to get a flying bike path installed in my hometown?

Before creating the physical product, Technodat director Aleš Kobylík and the creative team designed the bike remotely, using the 3D Experience software program from Dessault Systèmes. Then each group did their thing, with Duratec providing the framework, security guards propellers, and wheels, while Evektor worked on the design and figured out the drive unit, battery, and propeller. When all was said and done, the following video was recorded, capturing the flying bike in action.

Pretty amazing, right? Kinda makes one wonder why they even kept the bike around. In the press release, Kobylik says, “Our main motivation at work on the project was not profit or commercial interest, but the fulfillment of our boyhood dreams. Through the unique machines, we wanted to illustrate the possibilities of modern Czech companies and industrial software.” I believe they’ve done that in spades. This is probably the coolest flying thing to come out this year, after operating the Falcon in GTA IV.

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