More Behind The Scenes Photos From Red Dwarf X

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Red Dwarf might be the geekiest television program of my generation. It’s British, it’s sci-fi, and it’s a sitcom. Just wallow in all that for a moment. The news of a tenth season—the first new episodes since the “Back to Earth” arc in 2009, itself a full decade after series eight—was music to the ears of hardcore fans.

Filming has reportedly finished, and a couple of photos, via everyone’s favorite short attention span social networking site—Twitter—show the tenth season of Red Dwarf in various stages of post production.

The first, courtesy of producer Richard Naylor, shows the editing bay. On the screen you can see Cat (Danny John-Jules), being fancy and looking fine.

The second photo, from composer Howard Goodall, shows him deep in the sound editing process. There is a variety of knobs and levers, as well as film of the titular ship on the screen.

So things are moving along, though there is no word when Red Dwarf X, as it is being called, will air. While “Back to Earth” was a nice taste for fans after ten years of drought, it was more of a tease, and left some things to be desired.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Boys from the Dwarf, the show follows the misadventures of Dave Lister (Craig Charles). A slovenly slacker, Lister joins the crew of the Red Dwarf, a deep space mining vessel. Due to insubordination he finds himself placed in suspended animation, the ship’s version of the brig. While in stasis, a radiation leak wipes out the entire crew. Lister is freed from his cell after the radiations levels are safe, which takes three million years. He wakes to find himself alone, the last human being alive, light years from home. To keep him from going crazy, the ships computer generates a hologram of Lister’s uptight, priggish bunkmate Arnold Judas Rimmer (Chris Barrie), for company. Accompanied by Cat, an ultra-stylish being who evolved from Lister’s pet cat, and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn), a sycophantic maintenance droid, Lister and crew plumb the reaches of deep space, trying to find a way back to Earth, and, most importantly, keep from getting bored.