The Walking Dead’s Newest Promo Proves No One Is Safe, Especially Not You

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Readers, you know better than anyone just how impressed we are with AMC’s The Walking Dead, which is to say, only sporadically impressed in between bouts with boredom. But we’ve got hopes stacked on top of cars stacked on top of hopes that Season 5 will be the no-holds-barred season that they’ve been touting since Season 4 came to a close. Everything in the new promo teaser above certainly makes it look like fans are in for an explosive, gun-filled treat.

Except, of course, for Carl showing up there at the end. I’d really, really love to read deeply into Rick specifically telling him, “You are not safe.” Unless I’ve been bamboozled and he’s not actually speaking to Carl at that point. I suppose he could be talking to anyone, but I want to believe he’s threatening his own son’s life. But enough subjectivity, guys. There are weird-ass cannibal types in play.

Like this guy below, Gareth (Andrew J. West), the leader of Terminus, which proved to be not so much the “safe haven” it advertised. It’s going to be dark days for Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl when season 5 picks up. And probably also for Carol, Tyreese, Beth, the Terminus people, deer, walkers, the environment, and people we’ll never meet. That’s just how The Walking Dead works.

the walking dead
“I’d like to teach the world to smile.”

Everything we’ve seen thus far has indicated Season 5 is upping the ante on thrills while allowing the character development that’s been trotted out for four seasons to finally speak for itself. And make no mistake, thrills doesn’t necessarily mean horrific gore or insane zombie kills. I love that stuff, mind you, but I’m just hoping for a consistent tone. Rick looks like he’s gone bonkers again in the teaser, but in the “I’m letting my hair just do whatever it wants” kind of way and not an “I’m not talking to anyone except my wife’s ghost” kind of way. He’s a man on a mission to protect his group and serve the Terminus crowd their just desserts. (In which arm flesh is an ingredient.)

That line of thinking is also encouraged by the recent image of Rick as Alpha Hunter.

The Walking Dead

Find out if your favorite characters will live or die when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 12.