Ryan Reynolds Is Not Interested In Returning As Green Lantern

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds
Ever since The Avengers hit big box office numbers last summer, Marvel’s chief rival DC Comics has been scurrying around trying to make their own superhero team up movie – The Justice League – as successful. If Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel Superman movie is a big hit, then DC Comics and Warner Bros would make a Justice League movie. But would they get the same actors who portrayed Batman (Christian Bale), Superman (Henry Cavill), and Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) to reprise their roles in the would-be movie?

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Ryan Reynolds, who played Hal Jordan in Green Lantern in 2011, is not interested in putting on Green Lantern’s power ring again. Reynolds’ has witnessed first-hand how hard it is to make comic book space opera movies digestible for general audiences and fans alike. Reynolds admitted:

I saw how difficult it is to make that concept palatable,” he explains, “and how confused it all can be when you don’t really know exactly where you’re going with it or you don’t really know how to access that world properly. That world comic book fans have been accessing for decades and falling in love with. So at this point I have very little interest in joining that kind of world.

What Marvel has done with the films leading up to The Avengers has never been done before in the superhero movie genre. To mimic that kind of success would be difficult for any director, writer, or movie studio, but it can be done with the right visionary behind the project. Reynolds continued:

“[A] great script and a good director can always turn that around,” he admits. “…I believe that Joss Whedon is the guy that just nails it and Christopher Nolan obviously nails it. So if they were gonna do it like that, it would be an interesting thing to do.”

Director Martin Campbell was not the right fit for Green Lantern, but someone like Zack Snyder or Christopher Nolan can make a movie like The Justice League successful. It just seems like DC Comics and Warner Bros needs to get everything together with the proper supervision. The Warner Bros/DC Comics equivalent to Marvel’s super-producer Kevin Feige; someone like DC Comics animated feature producer Bruce Timm.