Rutger Hauer And Danny Glover Lead “All-Star” Cast In Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Sights Of Death

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

hauer gloverI think we’ve hit some kind of a low-bid jackpot here, GFR readers. While it isn’t clear just how far into the actual sci-fi realm this movie will go, it’s definitely worth a mention based on it being a post-apocalyptic story involving a mutant. Or actually, “maybe a mutant,” according to the press release from AMBI Pictures, the Italy-based production company and financier. They’ve announced the upcoming action thriller Sights of Death, which will feature an all-sorta-star cast including Danny Glover, Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen, and Blade Runner co-stars Daryl Hannah and Rutger Hauer. This is an ensemble, people!

The film will be the first English feature from Italian filmmaker Alessandro Capone, probably most famous for his work on the crime series Recipe for Crime in his native country, with a screenplay written by Tommaso Agnese, who has written and directed a bunch of shorts, TV movies, and docs. I guess it’s no surprise this cast would get together for a high-concept flick from a largely unknown director. At least there aren’t any giant sea creatures in it. We assume. This is a paraphrased plotline:

The year is 2047, and the planet has seen the rise of a new world order that rules with an iron fist and an itchy trigger finger. Any countries who choose not to join the confederate government are quickly demolished. Baldwin plays Ryan, a GreenWar rebel sent on an investigative mission into the government’s military wing, to bring to light some dastardly crimes. GreenWar is apparently some kind of faction led by Sponge, played by Glover. (His name is Sponge!) Ryan crosses paths with a group of mercenaries led by Lobo (Madsen), as well as the tough-as-nails Colonel Asimov (Hauer) and his right hand Major Anderson (Hannah). The mission turns into head-to-heads combat, with another survivor (Neva Lions) and “maybe a mutant” to help him along.

There is so much room for room-filling performances here, hammier than a thousand Christmas dinners. But I won’t be mad if it ends up being a lively adrenaline rush. All of these actors are capable of solid character work, but the average tips more towards B-movie work.

Madsen, whose best sci-fi work was in Species (and a bit part in WarGames), and Glover has been prolific in the past decade or so, starring in about a billion films whose names I could never remember. Hannah has been more prone to low-budget thrillers after her eye-catching resurgence in Kill Bill. Baldwin is…um…Bio-Dome! Honestly, Hauer is the only one of these actors who keeps to the high-end camp material in projects like Hobo With a Shotgun and Metal Hurlant Chronicles.

Principal photography will begin in Rome later this month. While we all wait patiently for a man named Sponge to make his way into our lives, take a peek at the video below, which imagines Glover to be a psychotic cop in Predator. This is what Sights of Death should use as a blueprint.