Russell Crowe Denies Robocop Rumors

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Well, that didn’t take long. Rumors broke last week that Russell Crowe might be screwing on the metal helmet for the lead role in the Robocop remake. Now, a mere five days later, the actor himself has shot down the speculation courtesy of one-word response: “no.” Clear, concise, no real way it could be misconstrued. But let’s give it then old college try anyway, shall we?

The rumor originated in a tweet by Variety reporter Jeff Sneider, so it’s only appropriate that Crowe issued his denial via the same service. A Twitter user asked Crowe, “the next Robocop?” to which Crowe responded with the simple “no.” That presumably means he hasn’t been approached about the role and isn’t in talks for it…which doesn’t necessarily mean the producers aren’t thinking about him and won’t try to land him at some point in the future. It could also mean that he wouldn’t be interested in the role even if offered it, which wouldn’t surprise me terribly. As interesting as it might be to consider, Robocop doesn’t really seem like the sort of role Crowe would take these days.

With the film aiming for a summer start, expect more casting rumors over the coming months. Who knows, maybe they’ll even end up signing one of the actors who’s already been rumored for the role, a club that includes the likes of Star Trek‘s Chris Pine and X-Men: First ClassMichael Fassbender. Hell, if they want somebody who can convincingly play a blank, emotionless robot, somebody should call Channing Tatum.

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