Nothing Says Romance Like A Star Wars Proposal

By David Wharton | Published

It’s the thing every good fanboy or fangirl dreams of: finding that special someone who completes you, whose strengths counteract your weaknesses, a true partner and friend on this long, winding road called life. And if they’ll happily go to a Star Wars convention with you and not make a federal case out of it? Put a ring on that puppy. And if you propose in front of a 700 lb. Rancor statue, so much the better.

That Kodak moment was the scene as a dude named Jason asked his lady Mary to join him in wedded, geektastic bliss. Jason dropped to one knee at this past weekend’s Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Florida, right in front of ol’ Roxy the Rancor herself. As you might guess from the look on Mary’s face, she didn’t see it coming. Mary told When Geeks Wed:

The proposal was a surprise. I knew that Jason had a ring, but had no idea what he was planning … I had to work on Thursday and Friday during Star Wars Celebration VI, and it was at that time that he bought a picture and autograph tickets for Carrie Fisher. He surprised me with the tickets on Friday night, and those completely threw me off of any inclination that he might propose.

Ah yes, the ancient art of misdirection. Well done, Padawan Jason.

The very next day the couple went to follow through on Jason’s distraction plan and get Carrie Fisher’s autograph. As Mary points out, “We told Princess Leia we were engaged before telling our own parents!” Let this be a lesson to you, fellas: if you propose to a girl at a Star Wars convention and she says yes, she’s a keeper.

Congrats to you both, Jason and Mary. The Force will be with you, always. (And for more geek romance, check out this crazy wedding.)