Rocking Tauntauns And Chewbacca Seat Belt Straps Make Perfect Star Wars Gifts

By Nick Venable | Published

rocking tauntaunsOver the years, the amount of fan-created Star Wars goods that have passed by GFR’s collective eyeballs has been plentiful, and the profits from most of it would probably match or exceed the billions that Lucasfilm has been raking in for decades. And though such items as Star Wars alphabet posters and AT-AT walkers made out of bacon are genius in and of themselves, they’re not so practical on a day-to-day basis. Today’s offerings, rocking horse tauntauns and a Chewbacca seat belt strap, would prove to be useful for all eternity if I could just get my hands on either of them.

The above image of the tauntaun rockers was posted anonymously to this site, but a few minutes of searching led me to the website of Chuck Bowman, better known as the master craftsman The WoodChuck. Apparently he created the rockers a couple of years ago, without any apparent plans on taking them to market. Given that they’re standing on mounts, they appear to be more for display than actual use, but I’d gladly bust my ass losing my balance on one. And when I’m on the ground, I’m going to check and make sure nothing is hidden inside the stomach, like a future hero.

It is much easier to get a hold of the Chewbacca strap, which is being sold in the Etsy store TheCommonRoom. While you can’t store ammunition in it, you can keep yourself stylish and safe when you’re behind the wheel by using it as a seat belt strap. Or, if you’d prefer, you can use it as a purse or knapsack strap. The shop owner says she used faux fur, but she doesn’t say if it’s from a faux Wookie or not. Take a look at a couple of the shots below.



You can even line your guitar strap with it and become the coolest musician ever to rock that one bar where nobody goes on a Tuesday night. All customers should allow for a longer-than-usual shipping time, as all orders are handmade. If you’re looking to spend a little more money for a lot more use, though, you probably want to go with TheCommonRoom’s other sci-fi prize, a Yoda hoodie complete with green alien top sewed into the hood. It’s not likely that anyone will actually mistake you for Yoda while wearing it, but that’s because you’re taller than the Jedi Master. You should definitely see a dermatologist about that green, scaly skin though. Check the pic below and start making your gift-giving list for the rest of the year.

yoda jacket