Robots Lurk Everywhere In Bangkok, Watch The Teaser Trailer For True Skin

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Today’s independent filmmaker is tomorrow’s Neill Blomkamp and maybe this will turn out to be the new District 9. The following teaser trailer is for a not yet made film called True Skin, created by Stephan Zlotescu in the hopes that some day he’ll have the funding he needs to make a full-blown feature.

The filmmakers say True Skin will “explore how robotic augmentations will affect a future society and ultimately ask the question of what it means to exist.” For now though, we have this eye-poppingly beautiful trailer in which artificial lifeforms lurk just below the surface of everything in Bangkok. Watch…

The teaser was shot over the course of two trips to Bangkok. They’re currently working on putting together a 12-minute short film which will, hopefully someday, get them the attention they need to turn True Skin into a full length movie.

I’m hooked. Are you?