Robot & Frank Duo Sell A Project About A World Addicted To The Internet

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago


Before seeing Robot & Frank, who knew that the adventures of a retired cat burglar and his autonomous android butler could be so damn adorable? The film, from director Jake Schreier and writer Christopher Ford, was a surprise festival hit last year, garnering a number of awards and nominations, and a ton of acclaim. Now the duo have reunited and have sold a new original project to the folks at Treehouse Pictures.

Deadline reports that the as-yet-untitled film is “an action-packed love story set in the world left behind after everyone becomes addicted to the internet.” Given the sheer amount of time we spend online, this could prove an interesting topic. The pair will reprise their previous roles, with Schreier at the helm and Ford putting words in the mouths of actors, though unfortunately—at least at the present time—there’s no Frank Langella, which is a damn shame. There’s still time to work that out, though.

Robot & Frank premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012, and appeared at other fests over the ensuing months, like the Seattle International Film Festival. Sony and Samuel Goldwyn picked up the rights and gave the film a theatrical run last fall. Treehouse was most recently the force behind Nicholas Jarecki’s thriller Arbitrage.

Ford’s latest film is a horror flick called Clown, which is the story of an evil clown suit that turns whoever wears it into a psychotic killer. I will be watching that movie when it hits DVD—as least I’m assuming that’s where it will debut, I can’t imagine it will ever see the inside of a movie theater.

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