Robot Chicken To Devour The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

As creator of The Walking Dead, one of comic book writer Robert Kirkman’s calling cards is his willingness to kill off just about anyone at just about any time. He’s a modern master of the unexpected funny-book death, and will feed almost every character you ever loved to a horde of zombies or a psychotic despot. Now it turns out that Kirkman is about to feel a bit of that sting for himself.

The November 18th episode of Robot Chicken, Seth Green’s stop-motion sketch show on Adult Swim, will reportedly serve Kirkman up like a Thanksgiving turkey to a bunch of brain-dead zombies. It should be a bloody, gory, animated affair, as you can clearly see from this first photo.

Robert Kirkman gets devoured by stop-motion zombies.

You know that you’re doing something that nerds approve of if you’re lampooned on Robot Chicken, which is fond of spoofing various beloved sci-fi, and otherwise geeky, enterprises.

Kirkman may have lent his voice to this part, but he doesn’t have any greater aims on an acting career in the future. He said, “I find cameos like that extremely self-serving… I’ve got my name all over the show. I don’t need my face all over it, too. It’s not something I have any interest in doing.”

Despite the fact that you’re not going to find his face onscreen any time soon, it does sound like he enjoyed his turn as a thespian. He added, “Getting in a room and being able to scream as loud as you can in front of other people on the other side of the glass is certainly a bit awkward, but it was fun.”

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