RoboCop Set Photos Give Us More Looks At The Costume And RoboCop’s Ride

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

The RoboCop remake already had an uphill battle before it, between fans decrying it as unnecessary, scathing script reviews, and rumors that director Jose Padilha had described the project as “hell,” so it really could have used something cool to win over dubious fans. Unfortunately, when set photos gave everyone a first look at the redesigned RoboCop suit, responses ranged from the furious to the disinterested. Now more set photos have leaked, and they’re not likely to win the remake any new fans.

This new batch of photos popped up on JustJared, and they give us a clearer look at the film’s lead, actor Joel Kinnaman, strutting around in the (still underwhelming) RoboCop 2.0 armor. Although the robe does add a certain debonair flair to the design. Maybe they could have him wear it the entire film and claim it’s a Douglas Adams tribute.

The new photos don’t reveal much that we couldn’t see in the first leaked photos, but they do provide a larger/clearer look at some of the details on the hands and legs. Which still, as we pointed out before, just makes RoboCop look like Batman. Also worth noting is that Kinnaman’s right hand is still bare, suggesting that it’s one of wounded cop Alex Murphy’s body parts the OmniCorp scientists were able to salvage.

The set photos also give us a look at some of the vehicles from the film, including a police cruiser and a couple of police motorcycles. One odd thing is that the photo below appears to be Kinnaman, as RoboCop, patrolling the city in full standard-issue police gear. You might not notice that at first glance, but it does appear to be the visor of the new RoboCop design peeking out from beneath the motorcycle helmet. It suggests that the remake will be setting itself apart visually in one major way, since Peter Weller’s original RoboCop was always shown “naked” – unclothed because 1) he didn’t need any and 2) it allowed them to show off the iconic RoboCop suit.

While we could joke about the filmmakers wanting to cover up their generic design, it is definitely going to create a very different feel to have Murphy wearing a normal cop uniform, assuming he does so for any significant length of time. It won’t make Murphy stand apart from his fellow officers as much as the character did in the original film. Hopefully the writers have a good reason for the choice…perhaps something as simple as Murphy/RoboCop trying to cling to whatever fragments of normalcy remind him of his previous life. Or maybe it’s just an OmniCorp marketing gimmick. Either way, I do have one last thing to say about it: a motorcycle helmet? Really? Just how flimsy was this cyborg upgrade anyway?

You can check out a few more photos below, including a look at actress Abbie Cornish, who is playing Murphy’s wife. You can see the full set over at JustJared.

RoboCop is scheduled to hit theaters on August 9, 2013.