RoboCop Remake Upgrades By Adding Gary Oldman

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

More movies need Gary Oldman. And following that logic, the producers of MGM’s remake of RoboCop have signed a deal with the star of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. This is a casting coup in my book, because Oldman makes everything better. Even when he’s hamming it up in movies like Romeo is Bleeding and The Fifth Element I still love him dearly.

Joel Kinnaman, star of AMC’s crime drama The Killing, will play Alex Murphy, the cop who gets shot all to hell, brought back from the verge of death, and turned into the titular cyborg ass kicking machine. Opposite Kinnaman, “Oldman will play Norton, the scientist who creates Robocop and finds himself torn between the ideals of the machine trying to rediscover its humanity and the callous needs of a corporation.”

Jose Padhila (Elite Squad) will direct the remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 badass classic. Though no start date has been set for production, there is a tentative release date of summer 2013, and filming will take place in Toronto.

Don’t get me wrong, RoboCop is one of my favorite movies of all time, and this remake is completely unnecessary, but I’ve given up hope that some act of god will derail this train. It looked like that might happen for a while, but that dream died a screaming death. At least between Padhila, Kinnaman (who I actually like), and now Oldman, there are good actors in the hands of a good director. Hopefully Padhila maintains the original’s use of black humor and extreme violence to further the satiric edge. I guess we’ll see how RoboCop turns out next summer.

Now all they have to do is cast Clarence Boddicker. Kurtwood Smith leaves big shoes to fill.