Robocop Lead Offered To The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

The upcoming Robocop reboot has been on a casting-rumor merry-go-round these past few months, with actors ranging from X-Men: First Class‘s Michael Fassbender to Russell Crowe rumored to be donning the helmet as the future of law enforcement. Most of the rumors have seemed a bit far-fetched, especially the Crowe one (which he was quick to shoot down), but today they may finally have found their man-machine. Deadline reports that MGM has offered the title role in Robocop to actor Joel Kinnaman, best known from AMC’s controversial series The Killing.

While it’s been fun to imagine what a Russell Crowe Robocop movie would look like, this casting makes a lot more sense, and not just because Crowe is almost 50 years old. Kinnaman, on the other hand, is still a relatively unknown actor, and this would give him a chance to find that “breakout” role…assuming the movie’s any good. Kinnaman’s talents certainly aren’t in question. His performance as a strung-out junkie cop was one of the highlights of AMC’s otherwise frustrating The Killing. He is also, much like original Robocop Peter Weller before him, not really a traditional “action hero” kind of actor, so that gives me hope that there might be more to this reboot than just another pointless rehashing for the re-cashing.

If Kinnaman takes the role, he’ll be the first confirmed cast for the Robocop remake. It’s being helmed by director Jose Padilha (the Elite Squad films) from a script by Josh Zetumer, with a recent rewrite by Nick Schenk. It’s still way too early to guess at release dates, but the filmmakers supposedly want to begin shooting this summer.

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