Robert Pattinson Will Star In A Futuristic Western

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Twilight heartthrob Rob Pattinson’s girlfriend got caught cheating. That sucks for him. But on the very same day that this news broke wide, there was a little blip of good news for everyone’s favorite sparkly vampire. The Rover, a sci-fi feature from Animal Kingdom writer/director David Michod, got the green light.

Robert Pattinson set to star in David Michod’s The Rover

Screen Australia will front the money for the “futuristic western,” which will star Pattinson and Guy Pearce. The Rover follows a character named Eric, who ventures into the Australian desert, leaving civilization, family, friends, and creature comforts behind. When a gang of wasteland thugs steals everything Eric owns, he teams up with an injured member of the crew in order right that particular wrong. Odds are he learns some important lessons about life and himself along the way.

There are no specifics, but I would wager that Pattinson will play Eric, and I would also guess Pearce could play Rey, the injured gang member.

Funding for The Rover is part of a multi-million dollar investment that Screen Australia is pumping into that country’s film industry. In addition to The Rover, there will be three additional features, four adult television dramas, and four kids shows.

When you hear the words “future,” “Australia,” and “desert,” what immediately springs to mind? Is it Mad Max? Yeah, I had the same thought. 2010’s Animal Kingdom was a gritty, unflinching look at a down under crime family, and Michod’s approach and aesthetics sound like an ideal match for the themes and content of The Rover.

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