Robert Kirkman’s Exorcism Drama Outcast Gets A Full Season Order, Details Here

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

OutcastRobert Kirkman is obviously best known of his work on The Walking Dead, the grim, zombie apocalypse comic that became one of the biggest shows on TV when AMC adapted it. (Given the gory nature, I still have no clue how it became so overwhelming popular with a mainstream audience.) But he’s expanding his brand, both with the much talked about Walking Dead spinoff Cobalt, or whatever it’s going to be called, and with the exorcism drama Outcast, which just got an order from Cinemax.

The premium cable network announced that they will give Outcast a full, ten-episode season order. Based on the Skybound/Image Comics series of the same name, created by Kirkman and Paul Azaceta, the story follows a young man named Kyle Barnes, who will be played by Almost Famous star Patrick Fugit (who also had a nice turn recently in Gone Girl). Kyle has battled demonic possessions his whole life, and with the help of a preacher named Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister), a West Virginian evangelist who thinks he’s part of God’s army against evil on Earth, he heads out on a quest to have a normal life. What Kyle doesn’t know is that his journey, and what he discovers, will change his own fate and that of the world.

This could be a lot of fun and has the potential to be creepy as all hell. Kyle is a man searching for answers to questions that have plagued his entire existence. Anderson, while a man of God, is also raging drunk and horrible gambler, so things can get pretty interesting. There’s also an eight-year-old child, Joshua Austin (Gabriel Bateman), who has been possessed by a demon, though there is something different about this one, as well as a strong connection to Kyle.

They’ve been working on this pilot for a while, and the creative team behind Outcast is pretty awesome. Not only is it based on his comic, but Kirkman also wrote the script for the first episode. And fans of awesome recent genre films have a lot to look forward to as well, because Adam Wingard, the director behind recent horror hits like The Guest and You’re Next, helmed the pilot. There’s no timeline, but this is all enough to make us add this to our must see list.