More Riddick 3 Photos, More Vin Diesel In An Awesome Cape

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The next Chronicles of Riddick movie is currently filming and, while it promises to be more of an intimate affair in the mold of Pitch Black and less of an epic like the last movie, that doesn’t mean it won’t be filled with super sweet special effects.

Presumably a lot of those effects will be filled in on this green screen Vin Diesel is walking towards, in costume, with the movie’s director. Yep, here’s a new photo from the filming of Riddick 3

More important than the green screen really is Riddick’s kind of awesome cape. We saw part of it in a previously released image but this one gives us a great look at the back of it. It’s a tattered mess, which I guess suggests the kind of hell Riddick has been through since we saw him last.

Here’s another new photo. This one has an actual set in the back. It’s not all CGI kids.

Credit: Vin Diesel on Facebook