Rick Looks Dirty In First Still From The Walking Dead’s Fourth Season

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

wdAnybody remember that barely publicized AMC series, The Walking Dead? I think we may have covered it a time or two. More than a week after a show’s season finale and I usually forget the show exists. Maybe you guys have a better memory than I do. The above production still, the first from the show’s upcoming fourth season, needs no context though. It’s Rick standing there with a look on his face that crosses between pensive and perplexed while someone dressed in an oversized suit jacket stands out of focus in the background. I can’t really tell if that’s a living person or not. It seems like only a zombie would be standing ominously like that, but zombies usually don’t mix and match their wardrobe.

Honestly, what I think is happening here is, Rick is having a conversation with someone where he inadvertently insulted the shit out of whoever is standing back there. He then slowly realizes it, and the picture was taken right when he was in the middle of saying, “She’s right behind me, isn’t she?” Assuming it’s a woman. Maybe his insult involved saying she looked like a man. Mysteries!

The ratings-nabbing show kicked off production of its fourth season on May 6th, getting set for its return to AMC sometime in October. As I’ve said during each season’s hiatus, I certainly hope they figure out how to finally tell a great story from beginning to end this time, and can balance the character mechanics with plot momentum. The season ended with [SPOILERS], so at least most of my long-term complaints can be put to rest.

October is a long ways away, so check out the recent Bad Lip Reading the show received. Or, you know, read the far superior comic.

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