Revolution Web Series Returns With Wheatley’s Letters: October 15th

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

We still have to wait until the end of March to catch new episodes of NBC’s high-rated freshman drama, Revolution. In the middle of this extended hiatus, the network has given us a series of animated webisodes to keep fans from foaming at the mouth. The third of these shorts, Wheatley’s Letters: October 15th, dropped this morning.

These videos are framed as a series of letters from Sergeant Wheatley (Reed Diamond). You may remember him as the undercover member of the Monroe Militia who led Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), and company into those tightly sealed tunnels where they all started hallucinating.

This latest installment finds Wheatley feeling bitter, betrayed, and abandoned by the military force he has sworn to serve at any cost. He’s doing his duty in the war against the rebels, and all he asks is that the Militia do the same. Sitting in his predicament, surrounded by enemies, he waits and waits, hearing nothing, his plans evaporating as he lingers.

His hatred of the resistance is palpable in this less-than-90-second video. From his perspective, they’re terrorists, not freedom fighters, and all they do is take and destroy. Little glimpses of different points of view like this help create a complete picture of the post-blackout world of Revolution. Up to now in Revolution, we’ve only seen people who resent the Militia’s domination, who are afraid and oppressed. Wheatley’s letters, however, show that there are those who appreciate and support their rulers.

October 15th brings up an important question: Who is Wheatley talking to? The easy assumption is that he’s writing to Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) himself, but even with Wheatley’s increasingly tough predicament, it’s hard to imagine him speaking to someone as ruthless as Monroe in such a tone, even in a letter. This is one of many questions that remain to be answered.

Revolution returns with new episodes on March 25th, and new chapters of Wheatley’s Letters arrive on Mondays.

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