Revolution May Fill The Sci-Fi On TV Void

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

It seems someone at NBC finally looked around and realized what we’ve known for some time: science fiction is painfully underrepresented. So they’ve given the greenlight to a new sci-fi series called Revolution.

Unfortunately the premise doesn’t sound particularly creative. It’s an action/drama about a dystopian future where all forms of energy have ceased to exist and humans must struggle to survive without technology. In case you haven’t noticed, dystopian future is just about the only sci-fi genre anyone wants to make anymore. Even Terra Nova was technically about a dystopian future where mankind has ruined the Earth, and not really about dinosaurs. The only other truly science fiction show on television now (outside of Doctor Who) is Falling Skies and that too is set in a dystopian future where humans must struggle to survive.

Here’s the Revolution cast…

What television really needs right now is a space opera, not yet another show about how much the future will suck. Stargate Universe was the last one and there’s not another on the horizon any time soon. I guess we should be happy to get any science fiction at this point, even if it stars one of the minor castmembers from Twilight.

That’s right they’ve hired Bella’s dad, Charlie Swan, played by actor Billy Burke to be one of Revolution’s leads. TV Line says they’ve also got The Cape’s David Lyons and character actor Giancarlo Esposito will also star. If they were going to hire someone from The Cape, I can’t help but wish they’d gone with Keith David instead.