Revolution: Enemies Of The State Webseries Wants Blood On The Floor

By Brent McKnight | Published

We told you there was going to be a bunch of Revolution talk today, and we weren’t lying. After wrapping up the animated Wheatley’s Letters series of shorts, NBC dropped the first episode of a brand-new webseries in our laps. Revolution: Enemies of the State serves as a prequel to the first-year series. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

While the main action of Revolution takes place 15 years after a worldwide blackout where every piece of electronic technology fails, Enemies of the State picks up four years before that, a scant 11 years after the lights have gone out.

The action of Part 1 begins at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons), the head of the violent Monroe Militia, sits in his office, obviously shaken, a stiff drink in his hand. His best friend and co-conspirator, Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), has just put a gun to his head. Good thing that Miles has more of a conscience than Monroe, or Sebastian’s brains would be all over the wall.

Monroe enlists the services of Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito), always the pragmatist, to track down anyone aiding Miles. Brutal vengeance is in store for their betrayal, as he wants their “blood on my floor.”

The dialogue between Monroe and Neville sets Miles up as more than “just a man,” and notes that he’s always two steps ahead. We’ve seen the eldest surviving Matheson male in action before, and we know his particular skill set. This kind of talk just adds to the mystique the show attempts to build around him.

The Wheatley’s Letters shorts were worthwhile because they broadened the scope of the post-apocalyptic world and offered a different perspective than that provided by the primary show. This new series does some of that as well, unveiling shadowy events that are only alluded to on network TV. At the same time, this brings something new to the table, it also brings us back to characters we’ve come to know, expanding on them instead of introducing fresh threads.

It may not be full episodes—we still have to wait until Monday, March 25th for that—but hopefully these five small glimpses into the past will hold you over until then. What we learn might even serve to enhance our enjoyment of Revolution when it finally returns.