Revolution: Enemies Of The State Episode 3 Sheds Light On Motivations

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

We’re getting there. Slowly but surely, we’re nearing the return of NBC’s first-year drama, Revolution. The post-worldwide-blackout series is the network’s biggest success in years, but by the time the show finally comes back on March 25th, it will have been off the air for four full months. That seems like a big risk, to leave your highest-rated freshman program dangling in the wind for that long. In order to keep Revolution in the public eye, NBC has taken to the Internet, launching a pair of webseries. The first, comprised of animated shorts, has already finished its limited run, but the third episode of Revolution: Enemies of the State, a live-action prequel, appeared online today.

The third installment of Enemies of the State picks up Captain Neville’s (Giancarlo Esposito) search for Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), the former co-commander of the Monroe Militia who attempted to assassinate the other leader, Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons).

Neville’s quest takes him to the door of a private, the one person who helped Miles that hasn’t already hit the road. When he “interrogates” the man, Neville gets some of the motive behind the assassination attempt. From the description, Monroe is not the man he once was. The militia leader kills for no reason, has turned to torture to get what he wants, and is obsessed with power, both thinking he can turn it back on and gathering it for himself. To further his ends, he has been stockpiling weapons in secret locations, ostensibly preparing for war.

For fans of the show, hopefully these short forays into the world of Revolution will sate your appetite for a few more weeks until the actual show returns to finish out its initial run.