Next Resident Evil Movie Will Resurrect Michelle Rodriguez And Other Dead Characters

By Josh Tyler | 10 years ago

Michelle Rodriguez in Resident EvilIf there’s one thing you can count on when you show up to a Resident Evil movie, it’s that by the time it’s over nearly everyone except Alice will be dead. Those who survive are sure to be killed off at the start of the next sequel, or turned into some sort of robo-powered freak of nature.

The list of great characters who’ve been killed off over the franchise’s four movies so far, is long… and it looks like most of them will be back in the fifth one… somehow.

For instance we already know that Michelle Rodriguez, whose character was killed off in the first film, is set to join the cast of the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution. Now Deadline reports that Oded Fehr is in the film as well. Fehr played the generally awesome, self-sacrificing, very dead Carlos Olivera in Resident Evil: Extinction.

Also returning to the franchise are Sienna Guillory who played Jill Valentine in Afterlife, Colin Salmon who played Shade in the original Resident Evil, Shawn Roberts who played Wesker in Afterlife, and Boris Kodjoe who played Luther in Afterlife.

Apparently Retribution is some sort of reunion, or maybe all these dead people will simply be seen in flashbacks. No one’s talking for now, but the cast list does include at least a few new faces. Johann Urb and Kevin Durand have also joined the Resident Evil: Retribution cast.