Those Possible Episode VII Plot Details About Yavin IV Have Now Been Debunked

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago


Two of the most popular recent topics on the internet have been news about Star Wars: Episode VII and the impending Mayan apocalypse that will supposedly blink us all out of existence on December 21st. These subjects ran headlong into one another a couple days ago in the form of a Reuters article that linked the two, and offered potential plot details for the upcoming return to a galaxy far, far away. Those plot details have now been debunked.

The article, by Mike McDonald, notes that the rebel base on Yavin 4 from Star Wars: A New Hope was filmed at a Mayan temple in the ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala  McDonald went on to write:

Yavin 4 and the rebel base return to the Star Wars plot in the forthcoming Episode VII, announced in October by the Walt Disney Co, in which Skywalker comes back to the planet to build a Jedi Knight academy. However, fans said that Disney will likely film those scenes in a studio rather than return to Tikal.

In this report many of us saw the promise of possible plot details, and thus got really excited. Yavin 4 does appear again in some of the Star Wars novels, including one story that includes an age-appropriate Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, and could bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and Episode VII.

Exciting as this was, something seemed off about this news. As it turns out, this report, and the enthusiasm surrounding it, may have been a bit erroneous. The fine folks at contacted McDonald, who had this to say:

This was a mistake. I misunderstood what fan clubs had told me and shown me in book plots and that storyline has not been announced by Disney. Perhaps I should have written something along the lines of ‘Yavin 4 appears in several Star Wars book plots and while Guatemala fans said they hope film crews return to Tikal, the company has not announced plans for the new episode.

Turns out that there was some miscommunication along the way, and an overly excitable fanbase, one that looks for potential news anywhere and everywhere, ran with it. So, sadly, there are no new details for Episode VII. We’ll have to wait for a while longer for news, assuming that the world doesn’t end tomorrow.

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