Relive The Star Wars Trilogy In Infographic Form

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

If you were to run the evolution of the Star Wars movies backwards, you would see a trilogy of pretty awesome movies that were gradually improved by the removal of gratuitous CGI, awkward scenes better left on the cutting-room floor, and a moment where a trained bounty hunter somehow manages to miss his target despite firing from approximately three feet away. In the end, you’d be left with three movies that were a little rough around the edges, but, like Han Solo, that’s part of their charm. You would have stripped away all the fat Lucas has spent two decades tacking on, and you would be left with the Star Wars movies as originally released: gritty, heartfelt, low-tech, and magnificent. It’s enough to make a guy wish time ran in reverse.

But what if you kept going? We’ve seen what happens when you spend years tinkering with and needlessly complicating something that worked just fine the first time, but what would happen if you went the other way? What if you kept distilling, kept simplifying, kept trying to whittle Star Wars down to the simplest possible terms? You might end up with something like the iconographics created by artist Wayne Dorrington. He’s done illustrations for all three of the original Star Wars films, attempting to tell the story in a pared-down, entirely visual, and rather funny way. As he puts it, “Have you ever wondered how Star Wars might be viewed in hieroglyphics? Or what if the movie was remade by IKEA?” You can check out Wayne’s vision of A New Hope after the break, and his even larger infographics for Episodes V and VI in the gallery below.


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