New Re-Kill Trailer Has 6-Minutes Of Zombie Apocalypse

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Have you heard about Re-Kill?  It’s an “After Dark Original” film produced by the people who do the After Dark Horrorfest series (in cooperation with Syfy and Lionsgate), slated to be released in 2012.  According to the synopsis, the film takes place 5 years after an outbreak of a zombie virus destroyed 85% of the world’s population.  A special paramilitary division known as R-Division hunt down and re-kill the remaining Re-Animates (known as Re-Ans) to keep another outbreak at bay. R-Division is also the star of a Cops-esque reality/documentary program called R-Division, Frontline, which the synopsis suggests is at the core of Re-Kill’s plot.

Re-Kill has a cool poster (an x-ray of a zombie skull with a bullet ripping through it) and yesterday After Dark released a six-minute trailer for the film:

This extended trailer sets up the zombie apocalypse with a montage of “footage”, news reports, and newspaper headlines.  It then cuts to an episode of R-Division, Frontline as it would look on-air, complete with profile of a “fallen hero” right after his on-screen death and a soft-core PSA urging remaining humans (or maybe just the dudes?) to have sex and repopulate America.  There’s also a lot of shooting at Re-Ans with machine guns while the zombies run ridiculously fast and munch down on the un-infected, and some confusing shots of massive groups of zombies seemingly penned up together.

Judging by the trailer alone, it looks like Re-Kill will have a fair amount of gore and zombie slaughter and could be a decent, somewhat cheesy flick.  It seems like it will also have obnoxious music, shaky “handheld” camerawork, and, if “news anchors” are any indication, Syfy Original Movie-level acting.  If you liked what you saw, though, you can check the website to see if the After Dark Originals film series will be coming to a city near you.

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