This Might Be What Reddit Looks Like In A Thousand Years

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Reddit is many things to many people. An ongoing conversation with people you’ll never meet in person. A time-sink when you should really be doing more productive things A glimpse into the beating heart of the interwebs. But if Reddit is a microcosm of our culture writ small, what might it look like a thousand years from now? What are the burning topics that will be generating discussions, name-calling, and accusations of fascistic and/or socialistic tendencies in that far-off future?

For Redditor gonzoblair, that question was more than just a hypothetical. He took it upon himself to switch on the old imagination and mock up a look at what the front page of Reddit might look like in the year 3012. Assuming, you know, that there still are things such as Reddit, the internet, and people. It’s a barrage of SF concepts and dark humor such as the problems with drunk Andromedans, the banning of velociraptors as pets and, of course, calls for the legalization of marijuana. It’s like somebody drained the contents of William Gibson and Warren Ellis’ brains into a jpeg, and we think it’s kind of awesome. You can see a bit in the preview image below, or click it to see the much bigger full version.

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