The Red Light Morality Scale Ranks SF Villainy

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

When you’re being stalked by a killer robot/cyborg/A.I., you’re likely to have many questions running through your head. “What did I do to deserve this? Am I going to run out of ammunition? If I start doing the robot dance will they think I’m one of them and leave me alone?” The firefights, car chases, and serpentine evasive running will probably leave little time for pondering the bigger questions, such as “How evil is my pursuer, exactly, as compared to other antagonistic mechanical types?” Thankfully artist Stephen Wildish has created a handy chart ranking several well-known bad-nasties, specifically those with some iconic association with the color red. He’s used the amiable K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider to hold down the positive end of the spectrum. We hope this chart will allow you to determine the comparative evil-ness of your pursuer before he catches up and—oh, nuts, he got you. Well, better luck next time.

You can see more of Stephen Wildish’s art right here.

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