Red Letter Media Asks Every Prometheus Question All At Once

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

Prometheus has been out for a few days and has already taken in an impressive $148 million box office worldwide. A lot of people have seen Prometheus (I’ve actually seen it twice), but as popular as it is now, it’s also one of the most polarizing movies of 2012. It’s currently holding a 73% “Fresh” rating on with a “B” general audience Cinema Score. Simply put, some people love it and some people hate it (or at least very disappointed by it).

Red Letter Media, the people behind the infamous Internet takedown videos of the Star Wars prequel trilogy (a series of videos I highly recommend) have taken on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus by asking, literally, every lingering question about the film. Watch…

In four minutes, Mike Stoklasa, the co-host of Red Light Media’s video review show Half In The Bag, asks Jay Bauman, the other host of the show, practically every question about Prometheus’ plot, character motivations, deeper meaning and, more importantly, what was that black goo? In true Prometheus spirit all of these questions are left unanswered.

The four-minute video is just a tease to their longer 24-minute video review show, where they discuss Prometheus in-depth. This is actually one of the more interesting conversations about the film itself. It dives deep without making knee-jerk or hyperbolic responses to the film. They actually take the time to address each issue they had with the film and give it as much consideration as necessary. It’s refreshing to watch, considering the state of the Internet.