New Red Dwarf Series’ First Official Promo Photo

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Red Dwarf is coming back with a brand new season starring everyone you love from the cast. This isn’t some reboot with young dudes replacing the aging crew (ehem Star Trek). They’re getting older, maybe a little fatter, but the crew of the Red Dwarf is still ready for action… and action related hijinks.

The new season is going under the name of Red Dwarf X and here’s the first ever promotional photo from it…

The really good news here is that the image sort of confirms what we already knew, that this won’t be another “Back to Earth” cop out in which the gang isn’t actually on the ship and instead just ends up running around modern day Earth… presumably because not having to construct any outer space sets is a lot cheaper.

Ok, maybe that was an unfair assumption, but we’d love to see Red Dwarf rebound to its previously brilliant status. It’ll be good to have them back.

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