Red Dwarf X Now Filming, More Set Video And Live Audience Reports

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

As we told you a few weeks ago here, Red Dwarf is coming back to television. New episodes will air in the UK on Dave in 2012 and they actually started shooting them shortly before the Christmas holidays.

That’s right in late December audiences lined up to watch the first live recordings of Red Dwarf episodes in a whopping 13 years. It’s been a long time. Here’s what the scene was like that night on December 16th…

Obviously the praise from this particular crowd isn’t exactly unbiased, but their enthusiasm for what they saw is encouraging.

A report from the set filed by the Red Dwarf official site was similarly effusive in its praise, while offering a few hints as to what we might expect from the show after it’s been gone this long. They claim from what they saw, “Red Dwarf X is a series refreshed and revitalised, looking with trademark sharpness and depth to the future as much as to the past.”

We’ve got a long wait till any of this airs, probably even longer for those of us outside the United Kingdom. While you wait, here’s the latest footage from the set, in which the Red Dwarf team prepares to shoot outdoors.

Keep checking back and we’ll update with new Red Dwarf X info as it becomes available.