One Last Red Dwarf X Clip To Hold You Over Until Thursday

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Red Dwarf X, the first new episodes of the British sci-fi sitcom since 2009’s Back to Earth miniseries, is set to start this week. Things will kick off on October 4th with the episode “Trojan,” and another new clip has been unveiled for your perusal.

In this clip we learn that Dave Lister (Craig Charles), the last surviving human being, has just lost Starbug, their hard-working transport vehicle, in a card game. But don’t worry, there’s good news, too. He also lost Rimmer (Chris Barrie), so things may be looking up. Fans will know that there will be all manner of wacky schemes in play to retrieve the lost comrade and spaceship.

This definitely sounds like the Lister of old, but the situation does raise one question: who was he playing cards with? Red Dwarf may be 3 million years from Earth, lost in the deepest reaches of space, and Lister may be the last man alive, but they’re far from alone. Even in the vast, empty wastes, the crew still manages to run across other life forms with startling regularity. Most days they seem to encounter some other beings, both humanoid and otherwise (amorphous green shape-shifting blobs, anyone?).

Red Dwarf X looks to be a return to form for the cult fave. Back to Earth was little more than a tease, and the not-deep-space setting was not all that great. The new series sends Lister, Rimmer, Cat (Danny John-Jules), and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) back to where they belong, lost in space, where they haven’t been since 1999. So far all of the promos have displayed the sense of humor and overall aesthetic that fans of the show have grown to love and adore.

Does anyone out there in TV land know when Red Dwarf X will air in the US? All I’ve been able to find is the cryptic “they’ll air at the same time” message, but what that means is unclear.

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