Red Dwarf X Will Air At The Same Time In US And UK

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Red Dwarf X is coming on quick. Yesterday it was finally announced that the tenth season of the British sci-fi sitcom will begin airing on Dave, Thursday, October 4th. That’s all well and good, if you live in the UK, but the declaration left a lot of fans in the United States asking when the boys from the Dwarf may land on US shores.

Red Dwarf X will premiere on Thursday, October 4th

Writer/director Doug Naylor took to everyone’s favorite short attention span social medial platform, Twitter, to address this issue. He tweeted, “They’ll be broadcast in US at same time. Check out PBS.”

While that’s exciting news, it is not apparent exactly what that entails. Does this mean Red Dwarf X will air on PBS affiliates starting October 4th as well? That’s the impression this statement gives, but as someone who has spent a fair amount of time waiting for new Red Dwarf episodes, this scenario seems rather unlikely. Bleeding Cool posits that perhaps the episodes will air in the US the week after they premiere in the UK. Not a bad option.

No matter what happens, this is welcome news to Red Dwarf fans. In years past we often had to wait until well after the season dropped in the UK, until PBS decided to marathon the crap out of that bad boy. I can’t tell you how many grainy, warped VHS tapes I have full of epic, weekend-long runs, where each episode is separated by a 30-minute session begging your for your contribution, offering a t-shirt or coffee mug as compensation.