Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Continuum

By Joelle Renstrom | 6 years ago

Kiera remembering her past and future.
Flashbacks That Matter

After a certain point, I groaned every time Lost launched into another interminable flashback. Sure, it was a cool device in the beginning, and generated some pre-island character development, but it quickly became a gimmick. Continuum features some flashbacks too—or flashforwards, as they’re snippets of Kiera’s life from 2077—and while they expand on her personality, they also further the plot. They usually involve a character or event relevant to the present narrative, but one that Kiera may not have previously connected to the action. She’s been told she’s essential to the future, and it seems likely that part of the reason why is because of the clues and experiences she’s racked up along the way. Viewers get to piece the puzzle together along with her. This is an engaging technique, and is more gratifying than learning about who broke up with whom before getting on Oceanic flight 815.

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