Five Reasons You Should Be Watching Continuum

By Joelle Renstrom | 6 years ago

time travel device
Kiera and Alec with the time travel device
The Tech

I’ve written about Kiera’s CMR before, as it’s the ultimate goal for wearable technology. The outfit allows her to scan for fingerprints, bloods, and other fibers; measure someone’s blood pressure to gauge if someone is lying (her high-tech contact lenses also help); she can also absorb bullets, communicate directly with Alec, and become invisible. I totally want one for Christmas. Beyond that, there are tabletop computer displays, cyborg-style sensory and memory implants, data/video recorders, folding guns, chemical and biotech enhancements, hacking galore, and any futuristic technology a police officer or boy genius could want to play with, and yes, it’s awesome.

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