Think You’re A Real Geek? This Infographic Will Test Your Knowledge.

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

50-questionable-things-a-geek-should-knowtopThe older we get, the more information we’re supposed to be retaining, which is fine when most of that information is of importance. But the minutiae of life and its many avenues can replace the essential facts with the mundane ones, such as remembering every word to every TGIF sitcom on ABC in the 1990s. Luckily, has put together an infographic listing 50 things you should be aware if if you consider yourself part of geek culture. We’re going to break it down into sections below, but if you want to see the full unbroken graphic, just hit the link above.

Now that “geek chic” has been officially added to the online Oxford Dictionary, it’s become something of a mini-industry unto itself. It’s no longer only poindexters with square-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors getting all the credit. It takes more than just wearing a Star Trek t-shirt these days. Keep track of how many of these you can answer, for there is a scoring scale at the bottom. Scoring scales are so fashionable. First up, movies and TV.

50things movies

I’m not going to lie to anyone reading this. I have never experienced Neon Genesis Evangelion, so I definitely don’t get that merit badge. But my obsessions with Monty Python and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tip the scales back my way. It’s a no-brainer that Star Trek and Star Wars facts should be in your mental wheelhouse. There’s no excuse for not knowing where “the Truth” is, and you’d have to be re-TARDIS if you’re a Doctor Who fan who doesn’t know all 11 incarnations. But enough about pop culture. How tech savvy are you?

50things computers

This is where my knowledge comes to a standstill. I know how to jailbreak an iPhone and use Linux if there’s a tutorial right in front of me. I often regret not getting into computers when I was younger, because now I just feel like an old fogey where this stuff is concerned. Maybe if my brain is ever uploaded into a computer, I’ll have time to learn. But now it’s time for heroes and villains.

50things heroes

This is where it helps to be a comic book and fantasy fan. If you support the revisionist history that has Greedo shooting first, or you think that the one ring to rule them all has something to do with diamonds, this might not be your cup of Dune spice. Since you’re already on the Internet while reading this, let’s hit that next.

50things internet

C4n y0u 837131v3 1t? Who knew that barrel rolls aren’t just for planes, and that the game Snake isn’t just for old Nokia phones? Well, anyone who’s been paying attention to the Internet’s quirks, that’s who. It doesn’t take a hide-and-seek professional to know what geocaching is, but it’s a little harder staying anonymous. Just think of it as a game…

50things games

Almost more so than comics, obsessions with tabletop games and video games are sure signs of the non-closeted geek. Yeah, even if it’s a game where all you’re doing is shooting Nazis, it still gives you geek cred. Sorry, anyone who assumed they were better than that. Of course, it’s another thing entirely to go out in public dressed up as the character from the game you’re playing.

Now it’s time to tally your answers and see what kind of a geek you really are. I’d tell you what my score was, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone. (Namely me.)

50 things scoring

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