Rate Almost Human And Discuss It With Spoilers Here!

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dorianAlmost Human debuted tonight on Fox and dropped Karl Urban into a world filled with robots. So far, the show is focused entirely on the droids tasked with playing police officer, partnered up with human cops to police the grittier than ever, crime-ridden streets of a future 20-years from now. In the process though, it hints at robots doing other jobs in other walks of life, in this future world. The potential here seems limitless.

Episode 1 aired Sunday night. Episode 2 airs the following night, Monday November 18. It’s a one two punch.

For science fiction fans, on paper this show is a dream come true. But now that you’ve seen part one, where do you stand? We want to know. What do you think of Almost Human so far? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments section here.

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  1. JT says:

    So here’s my first crazy, Almost Human theory. Read no further if you don’t want spoilers…

    Karl Urban is actually a robot.

    It makes SO much sense. The Chief knows it. She had him built. He’s a robot of the same model as Dorian, except they transferred a human’s memories into it, which is why she paired them together. It’s why she said he’s “special”. It’s why he has memory problems. There’s no way he could have survived that grenade.

    Also note that when he woke up at the beginning and when Dorian woke up… they both asked the same question. “How long was I out?”.

    • Kevin Miller says:

      And Decker was a replicant, right?

      • JT says:

        Probably. Do you think comparing this to Blade Runner is a negative? You may be missing something..

        Think about where this story is happening. ON NETWORK TELEVISION. Blade Runner on TV? What’s not to like?

        • Kevin Miller says:

          it’s a positive. it’s definitely a positive. just poking fun at the theory.

          • JT says:

            And it may be that they’re leading us to a theory like that specifically because of the Blade Runner comparisons and they’ll totally flip it on its head and go another direction. But it’s hard to deny that they aren’t sort of hinting that’s a possibility right now.

            It’s worth noting that Agents of SHIELD is doing the same thing with Coulson… only in completely clumsy, lame way compared to the way Almost Human is handling it.

          • Kevin Miller says:

            of course. ack!! not sure if this is bad news or not, but i just checked and the idea is pretty popularized already. Jeff Jensen at EW has already put up a recap. if the theory is true, it’s going to be totally anti-climactic at this point.

          • JT says:

            EW putting spoilers in their titles too, on a story they posted 2 hours before the show aired. Pretty crappy of them. But then, it is EW.

          • Kevin Miller says:

            Jensen is so far embedded in Bad Robot, i figure he’s just publishing their press releases/marketing memos. if you help to write Tomorrowland you give up all credibility as a critic/commentator.

  2. Eugene Elam says:

    i love it the best show on tv