You Won’t Believe Who Raised Sarah Connor In Terminator: Genisys

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Terminator GenisysI’m trying really hard to stay positive about the upcoming Terminator: Genisys, but they’re not making it particularly easy. We recently ran into reports from people claiming to know the whole film who called it a franchise killer. Without any actual details to back that up, that was pretty easy to dismiss, though it did get our Spidey-Senses tingling a bit. Now some new plot details, official ones actually released by the studio, have come to light, and while it’s certainly possible to pull this off (trying to stay positive), a lot of people are going to hate what they’re about to read.

EW has a couple of alternate covers featuring stars of the movie—including Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney on a motorcycle, and a bedecked Matt Smith and Jason Clarke armored up and hanging out with a fleshless terminator—and you have to be glad that they’re staged and not actually from the movie, because they look like cosplay. Still, it’s easy enough to ignore promo stuff like this that obviously has nothing to do with the actual film. It’s what the article contains that is concerning.

Talking to the magazine, Doctor Who star Smith says, “It’s like going on tour again if you’re Pink Floyd—the audience always wants to hear some of the old songs. There are enough nods to the past that people will feel satisfied.” The implication in that statement is that, while there are tips of the cap to the earlier films, there are going to be wholesale changes. And that’s fine, that’s what you expect. The start of a new trilogy, Genisys has always been said to be kind of soft reboot, so we expect to go on a different direction, and boy are they ever.

The movie is set in 2029, and, once again, John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Courtney), his father, back to 1984 to protect his mother, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) from assassination. We assumed that Skynet hasn’t stopped trying to kill John, so we expect the timeline to be altered with each subsequent attempt, but here’s what the article says about the plot:

Sarah Connor isn’t the innocent she was when Linda Hamilton first sported feathered hair and acid-washed jeans in the role. Nor is she Hamilton’s steely zero body-fat warrior in 1991’s T2. Rather, the mother of humanity’s messiah was orphaned by a Terminator at age 9. Since then, she’s been raised by (brace yourself) Schwarzenegger’s Terminator—an older T-800 she calls “Pops”—who is programmed to guard rather than to kill. As a result, Sarah is a highly trained antisocial recluse who’s great with a sniper rifle but not so skilled at the nuances of human emotion.

Yeah, so Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 is Sarah Connor’s adoptive father. We know he can be programmed to protect, but still, that’s an idea that might take some getting used to.

Terminator GenisysProducer David Ellison elaborates a bit, saying, “Since she was 9 years old, she has been told everything that was supposed to happen. But Sarah fundamentally rejects that destiny. She says, ‘That’s not what I want to do.’ It’s her decision that drives the story in a very different direction.”

That part sounds like vintage Terminator, and ties back into the idea from T2 about making your own fate and not blindly accepting what the universe hands you. That you can get behind, but it’s admittedly going to be weird seeing Sarah Connor and the T-800 playing house. Then again, I get the feeling that there are going to be a lot of things in this movie that will be very strange.

Directed by Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World), Terminator: Genisys opens everywhere July 1, 2015, and I am very, very interested to hear your take on these new details. Sound off in the comments below.

Terminator Genisys


  1. Joseph Borbely says:

    If true, it’ll be the suckiest “reboot” ever. Ever.

  2. Nathan Paul Kennedy says:

    Can I just point out one tiny little factoid that might get in the way here? In order for John Connor to be born in each timeline, Kyle and Sarah would have to have sex in exactly the same position at exactly the same time after leading the exact same life, even a single different meal would change which one of the 300 million sperm fertilized the egg in question!

    Seriously, the Butterfly Effect would apply here, change one thing, change everything….

    • D. M. says:

      one: isn’t that the point of John Connor sending Reese back in time? to change everything?
      secondly: the instant either Reese or a terminator goes back in time and interacts with the environment they have already changed something so your whole Butterfly Effect theory is moot. Every time Skynet sends a terminator back in time they are creating alternate timelines.

      • Glenn Griffith says:

        Wow, you totally missed his point.

        • D. M. says:

          no I got his point, everything would have to be exactly the same EVERY TIME REESE and SARA hooked up otherwise the outcome would be different. You missed my point that every time ANYONE goes back in time they create an alternate timeline, therefore his Butterfly Effect theory doesn’t hold water.

          • Dyce Raptor says:

            Exactly. It isn’t a linear timeline as many people assume. The Butterfly Effect only holds up if we’re looking at a single universe theory. But the Terminator series has already (albeit indirectly) proven itself to be a multiple timeline situation, considering the paradox that occurs when trying to view it linear.

  3. Verne Munroe says:

    Hollywood has ruined a great movie franchise!? But there have been so many good reboots!? *sarcasm*


  4. Tim Robarts says:

    Maybe so. But one of the things about the terminator time line is that its not really important WHO John conner is. Its just the name of the person who leads the resistance to victory. That was the big thing the T800 in T3 was going on about when John was talking about not wanting to be the great leader. “Why me” “You are John Conner”

  5. Glenn Griffith says:

    First EW cover (terminator in background) looks HORRIBLE

  6. Red Doggie says:

    Haters gonna hate.

    Really, this is not how I would have written the movie, but I like the idea that Skynet fails time after time, causing changes to the reality we see with each failure, very slowly eeking towards victory. Obviously this film will take us to a point where the resistance is backed up to its own goal line in this game of temporal football, to the point where the birth of John Conner is now but a minuscule possibility.

    Frankly, I have no idea if this film will be worth even a one dollar Redbox rental. However, I can just as easily look for potential rather than look for reasons to hate the film just because they aren’t remaking T2.

  7. Michael Pickering says:

    Really should have stopped after #2.