Rachel Nichols Drops Continuum Season Three Nuggets

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

ContinuumOver the course of two seasons, Continuum has turned into one of the better, more intriguing sci-fi shows on the air right now. It’s one of those ones that, the more you watch, the better it gets. Bouncing around in time always makes for a nice, twisted adventure, and each successive jump can lead to any number of new changes, even in the action goes down in the same era. Season two left many fans wanting more, but lucky for you, you only have to wait until March. Either way, the wait is getting significantly shorter, and star Rachel Nichols dropped a few hints at what you can expect from season three.

Talking to Collider, Nichols, who plays Kiera Cameron, a cop from the future who follows a group of terrorists back to the present day, had quite a bit to say about the upcoming season. Filming began at the end of November, and though production is currently on a holiday break, she says they already have three episodes in the can.

Season two of Continuum left off with something of a betrayal, as Alec (Erik Knudsen), who Kiera thought was her homeboy, runs out on her and heads back in time. Being, of course, the consummate badass police officer from the future, she’ll have no choice but to follow and attempt to right Alec’s wrongs. Nichols says, “I can’t say how, but I can say that Kiera ends up going back in time to the point where Alec went back in time to save Emily (Magda Apanowicz). So, suddenly there are two Alecs and two Kieras and we can’t run into each other, obviously. Right off the bat, in Season 3, you’ve got craziness ensuing.”

That sounds like a promising place to begin a new season. It will be curious to see where exactly in time they leap to. If there are still multiple versions of themselves running around, it can’t be too far. And nothing adds emotional chaos and investment quite like a death, and Nichols says we’ll bid adieu to at least one character. Who, and whether they’re a main ingredient or a bit player remains to be seen, but it’s something to look forward to. She also assures viewers that the show will reveal much more information about the group of time travelers known as The Freelancers, and adds, “I’m happy to say that Terry Chen is back, in a big, big way. “

For much of Continuum, Kiera has been focused on finding a way back home to her own time and, most importantly for her, her family in 2077. While that will likely still be part of her ultimate goal, part of the end game, it sounds like the focus is going to shift in season three. Nichols says:

[O]verall, for this season, what I’m feeling is that where Kiera was always about getting home before, acknowledging her impact on the world, with everything she was doing in the present day, now I think there’s a part of her that’s going to be relegated to staying here and really setting up life and knowing she’s going to be here for awhile, and maybe even wanting to. That will be a back change for her, given the fact that her family is in the future.

If they’re going to fill up an entire season, you can bet there will be more to come, but for the moment, this feels like a solid way to start. Continuum returns to the Syfy network in March. The earlier seasons are available for streaming if you’re into such things.