R2D2 Goes On A Killing Spree In Grand Theft Auto

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

It was only a matter of time before Luke Skywalker’s pet droid got sick of being stuck with all the Rebel Alliance’s dirty work. You can only repair so many power converters before you go a little nuts. Thanks to a new mod in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV the galaxy’s most famous astromech can let off a little steam on the streets of Liberty City.

It’s pretty accurate, except for the part where R2D2 puts on a purple viking helmet and starts shooting death lasers. But come on, we all know the real R2 would totally do that, if he could.

The R2D2 mod is available for pretty much anyone to use on the official site of the guy who designed it right here. Terrorize Liberty City as a tiny little robot in your free time. The galaxy has it coming.