The Purge 2 Unveils A Teaser Poster And Two New Cast Members

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

the purge 2Last year’s wonky home invasion horror The Purge was the second most profitable film of 2013, earning $89 million worldwide on a $3 million budget. It probably would have earned even more had word of mouth after its release not been so horrible. While it’s unclear whether the in-production sequel, The Purge 2, will take place in the same post-violence world or will possibly detail the origin of The Purge itself, we now have a full cast list. We also have a new teaser poster, which is already dated since it came out yesterday. I hope nobody breaks into my house and beats the shit out of me because of this.

Somewhat surprisingly, and somewhat expectedly, there are no stars here that match the caliber of Ethan Hawke, who was arguably the only redeeming aspect of the film. Joining the already named cast members, who we’ll get to in a bit, are actresses Zoe Borde (Prisoners) and Chad Morgan (Robot Chicken). As you can imagine, there’s no word on what characters they will play or how they fit into the story.

The only obvious thing about the movie is that there is a slightly more diverse group of characters than the first outing. I don’t necessarily mean race by that; I’m really just happy no annoying-ass child actors have been cast. Frank Grillo (Disconnect) takes on the leading role this go around, and he’s joined by Michael K. Williams (The Wire), Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), Kiele Sanchez (The Glades), and Carmen Ejogo (Zero Hour). Williams’ character really has to be named Omar for this, and someone definitely needs to let other people know that Omar is coming. In fact, that’s my suggestion for the film title. The Purge 2: Omar Comin’.

Strange that this movie should have a promo poster without a proper title, though it would be a pretty ballsy and ridiculous idea if they just kept the name of the movie the same. Other options: The Purge 2: Stay the Fuck in Your House Boogaloo, The Purge: Apocalypse Generation Revolution, Purge Harder, or the modern-day-set prequel The Binge.

If Borde’s name sounds familiar to you, it might be from her role in Denis Villeneuve’s highly acclaimed thriller Prisoners, or perhaps from the cancelled BET sitcom Read Between the Lines. Morgan has been all over TV, supplementing her voiceover work on Robot Chicken with roles on everything from FX’s The Bridge to the Cartoon Network sketch comedy Incredible Crew. She’ll soon be seen in the sci-fi drama Parts Per Billion.

While you wait another 160+ days for the film’s release on June 20, 2014, check out the video below, which sets the trailer from The Purge to footage from Grand Theft Auto V in a well-crafted way. I think I’d rather watch that movie.

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