The Prototype Trailer: The Bandito Brothers Make A Movie About A Robot In A Hoodie

By Brent McKnight | Updated

The Bandito Brothers, the crew behind this year’s Act of Valor—the action movie that cast active duty Navy SEALs as, well, active duty Navy SEALs—are back and taking a swing at science fiction. According to this new trailer, The Prototype is about a highly advanced robot wearing a dark colored hoodie and skulking around in the night.

You can see the influence of any number of other sci-fi films, and even videogames, in this trailer. Sure the robot resembles Abe Sapien from the Hellboy movies, and the “man will become machine” line is cheesy, but the one thing Act of Valor has going for it is some solid action. If some of that transfers over to this film—and it looks like it has—The Prototype might be a badass little sci-fi actioner.

The plot follows a high-tech robot—or maybe some sort of human/robot hybrid, that part isn’t clear—that escapes from a government facility. When you’re super expensive robot gets loose, you want the best of the best to track him down, so they enlisted the help of Neal McDonough (FX’s Justified, Minority Report). The film also stars Joseph Mawie (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), and Anna Anissimova (The Whistleblower).

Written and directed by Andrew Will, The Prototype doesn’t have a release date yet, but the film is slated to be auctioned off soon.