Propaganda Posters For The Impending Robot Takeover

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

If we learned anything from the fiasco that followed Orson Welles’ 1938 radio broadcast of <I>The War of the Worlds</I>, it’s that we must constantly keep reminding ourselves of the differences between art and reality. Before viewing the following pictures, use this as your mantra:  It’s only an illustration. It’s only an illustration. For now.

Animator, illustrator and deviantART user Tom Kyzivat’s posters of Giant Freakin’ Robots ominously calling for humanity’s doom recall the early days of non-charming robots, using Fritz Lang as an obvious influence. Though the images aren’t new, they’re particularly timeless and beautiful, and also prove that, no matter what you think you’re expecting, robots will always be one step ahead.


The collection is called “Murderous Automatons,” and what they lack in positive reinforcement, they make up for in futuristic nightmares. In recent years, my brain has been so ingrained with realistic high-tech cyborgs that I forgot these bulky motherfuckers used to fly in formations, like empathy-lacking birds whose eggs are figurative and contain global annihilation. If we thought foreign countries with nuclear weapons were potentially bothersome, wait until robots who love 1980s punk music get a hold of them.

On a less serious note, these are really gorgeous images that would make any room’s walls pop with machinal oppression. Perhaps instead of ridding the world of all mankind, they could first focus their efforts on that most destructive of current technologies: reality TV.