Prometheus Reveals The Space Jockey’s Space Suit

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

We still don’t know much about Ridley Scott’s upcoming film Prometheus.  While Scott himself has said that his next film(s) would be set 30 years before Alien and explore the origins of its creatures, everyone involved with Prometheus has been trying to work against this notion lately.

Scott himself has said that Prometheus simply contains “strands of Alien‘s DNA” and, in another recent interview even writer Damon Lindelof states that what the two films share is merely “that the universe in which each takes place shares a similar aesthetic”.  Fans and speculators are still not convinced, though, in part because every photo and trailer that is released seems to draw the new film and the decades-old franchise even closer together.  Take a look at a new photo from Prometheus that was included alongside The Hero Complex‘s interview with Lindelof:

Behind Noomi Rapace, on the left side of the long, dark hallway, stand two shadowy figures.  They could be statues or perhaps space suits of some kind but, whatever they are, they add further fuel to the idea that Prometheus is more than tangentially related to Alien and the creatures it contained or alluded to.  Like the prosthetics whose images started popping up online last week and those flashes in the trailer, the figures in the hallway behind Rapace look suspiciously similar to the “Space Jockey” in Alien.

Here’s a closer look at the figures:

You can see similar ridges extending from the head down the torso on the figures in this image from Prometheus as on the prosthetics, both of which look like the “Space Jockey” last seen mummified in its destroyed space vessel.  Everything about this screams “prequel”, despite the protests or diverting comments of those involved in its production.