Prometheus Will Likely Be Rated R

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

prometheusA few months ago Ridley Scott had us all worried when he loudly declared he was trying to make Prometheus PG-13. That’s a problem since it’s a prequel to Alien, one of the most distinctly rated-R movies of all time. You just can’t go to the places a good Alien prequel should go with a PG-13 rating. But then the movie’s distributor Fox came out and said they didn’t care what rating the movie got, and now it seems Ridley was just toying with us all along, because Prometheus has an R-rating.

At least that’s the word from IMDB where one fan went and pre-purchased an advanced ticket for Prometheus and discovered that it had an “R” rating printed on it.

That’s not entirely conclusive, of course. This could be a misprint since neither Fox nor MPAA has officially announced the rating for the film. But it makes sense, given the statements made by Fox a few weeks ago about their willingness to release an R-rated version of this movie (a rarity in today’s climate of PG-13 pushing). We’ll let you know if there’s anything to indicate otherwise, but for now assume that on June 8th you’re getting the R-rated movie Prometheus is supposed to be and breathe a sigh of relief.

UPDATE! Fox has confirmed that Prometheus will indeed be rated-R.