Prometheus: Fire And Stone — Five Things You Need To Know About The Comic Sequel

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

It Ends With a Direct Connection to Aliens
While Prometheus was a sort-of prequel to Alien, it never directly connected itself to the events of Scott’s original movie. There are tons of implications and oblique connections, and we even see the birth of a sort of proto-xenomorph, but we never actually learn how/why the Engineer vessel crashed on LV-426, for instance. The first issue of Prometheus: Flesh and Stone ends with a striking direct connection that raises all sorts of questions. While digging through the alien jungle on LV-223, the salvage crew discovers a derelict vessel…from Hadley’s Hope. Aliens fans will recall that Hadley’s Hope was the colony established on LV-426 as part of the terraforming efforts. We won’t spoil the ending entirely, but suffice to say, we’re very curious to learn how and why this ship wound up abandoned on LV-223. Especially since the colony was very effectively destroyed by Ripley and a nuke at the end of Aliens. Very interesting…

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