Prometheus: Fire And Stone — Five Things You Need To Know About The Comic Sequel

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

ReiserWeyland-Yutani Are Still a Bunch of Dicks
The Weyand-Yutani corporation has been the ever-present thread throughout the Aliens movies, always scheming and pulling the strings in an attempt to capture, study, and exploit the unique biology of the alien creatures. As for the humans they send out to do their bidding? They’re very much expendable. Well, they clearly haven’t turned over any new leaves in Fire and Stone, as they are once again up to their old tricks, sending a hapless crew to a dangerous alien world with a secret mandate that only the vessel’s captain knows about. Unfortunately, Weyland-Yutani also has a history of combining malevolent secrecy with strategically disastrous ignorance, so I don’t expect this mission to LV-223 to go any better than the last one. You’d think the Company might rethink their SOP given how many messes they’ve created just in this one star system. (LV-223 is right next door to LV-426, the site of the first two Alien movies.)

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